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The specific advantages of an effective quality management system certified by WRG Certification Standards are:

Optimized company structure and operational integration
Improved awareness of company objectives
Improved communications and quality information
Responsibilites and authorities clearly defined
Improved traceability to 'root causes' of problems
Improved utilization of time and materials
Formalized systems ensure consistent quality and punctual delivery
Improved records in case of litigation
Documented system provides useful reference and training tool
Fewer rejects, therefore, less repeated work and warranty costs
Errors rectified at the earliest stage and not repeated
Improved relationships with customers and suppliers
Improved control during periods of change or growth
Use of recognized logo on stationary and advertisements
Improved corporate quality image
Ability to bid for ISO 9001/14001 contracts at home and abroad
Continuous quality assessment by experienced professionals
Reduced number of customer audits

WRG Certifications